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My explanation of what an orgasm feels like, and how to tell it's happening!

29 Sep, 2018

Hello everyone!!

I am going to explain, from my own personal experience, what an orgasm feels like for a woman. I know all women are different, some have one to many in a single occasion, some have only clitoral, only g-spot, or both!

My g-spot orgasms are extremely rare but they do happen! I notice I really have to be in the right state of mind, really into the moment, and the g-spot has to be penetrated a certain way that even I can't always do with my own toys? Anyways... when I do have them it's like I start to get the chills or goosebumps feeling all over my body, but I'm not cold, I am actually sweating while the warm sensation travels through my body. It makes me feel like I just got an hour massage in 10 seconds and then I am drained of energy.

I am very clitoral stimulated happy. I can have a clitoral orgasm with my clothes on!! These orgasms are my favorite because these ones can happen one after another. I get the warm wave feeling through my body, my face flushes and gets sweaty, and as the warm feelings travels through my arms and legs it makes my fingers and my toes curl uncontrollably. And the feeling below....OMG...... I get these "contraction" feelings where the inside of my vagina is clenching and throbbing usually what seems like 5 to 10 times. The longer the throb the longer the orgasm. There have also been the unique moments (usually a certain position) where I have squirted while having an orgasm. It is like that wave like sensation builds up and then the mixture of the contraction feeling somehow releases the fluid once the pressure is just right, and it shoots out like BAM! Lol.

Anyways, I just had one of those nights tonight where I literally played with my magic wand 5 different times, each about 10 minutes, having about 5 orgasms each times. So yeah I am just super relaxed and happy, therefore I wanted to write about it. I mean, who wouldn't? 50 minutes of playtime that led to 25 orgasms... yeah now it's time to eat pizza and go to bed.

God bless everyone and good night!



Yours truly,

☆ Nadia Divino ♡


Only one client,'s why:

22 Jan, 2018

As I come closer to achieving my goals, and walking new paths in life that define the true meaning of an independent woman. I am coming to the realization that I may never want to get married, may never want anymore children, and may leave my life old, grey and single. None of that will matter to me as long as I am happy throughout my life. I know I would rather leave happy and single, than married and miserable  (wondering, what if?)

The human race is very instinctive, and generations are changing as life goes on. Men think with one head, as women think with the other. And this is all natural, God's image, our genetic make-up, however you want to call it, I suppose.

But, we all still want the company of another person that we can care about, that isn't a childhood friend or family member. I can see myself being successful in my career, with or without a partner in crime. But I know I would still want the companionship that this industry has given me. I do not need a boyfriend to obsess over, to cause unnecessary drama, or to get upset/jealous towards me. I would simply want to live my life, and still have someone that I can care about, share physical, emotional, and mental intimacy with, be faithful with by our own terms and agreements (not how society wants people to be), that person would listen to me vent yet wouldn't get upset when I say something bluntly honest... and vise versa. Someone that I could call when I get a flat tire, and would know what to do while I am in panic mode on the side of the road. Someone that will watch a movie with me, even if they have already seen it, and won't give spoiler alerts. Someone to give the boyfriend feeling, without actually being exclusive so no drama gets in the mix.

I dont know what else I would call that person besides one client. These are the sessions I enjoy in this industry. People confuse companions with prostitution, when in all reality it is ever so different to me. I have met some of the greatest people I know today by being a companion to them, and I am proud to call them genuine friends. I have met some miserable people, and just enjoyed making them smile to the point it hurts them to smile due to lack of doing it. I've learned I do not want to grow up and forget what smiling is like.

I do not want a husband to grow old with, if it is going to feel as if the relationship has been strained or tainted for a long time. Instead, when I get towards the end of this career and the start of my new one, I want just one client that I will see regularly. :) Everything will remain the same as it has always been except I will be limited to just one, there will still be financial benefit (so feelings don't go overboard) and we will both live not only happy, but satisfied with life.


Yeah.... that's what I want.


Rental Property Owner?

22 Jan, 2018

I am looking for a house/condo for rent in the Cleveland area (preferably the West side). I want to move closer to Cleveland to start my career choice there after I graduate. 

(No, I am not looking for a man to move in with, nor a roommate. I want a 1 - 2 bedroom house/condo to myself, and enjoy my residence in a safe area that gives me comfort and peace of mind to come home to.)

I have been looking for awhile and so far nothing has fit my needs, so I will wait until I find the right one. I figured a post here may help. But maybe not.


Thank you, regardless.

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Time wasters/NCNS/Bad Clients

29 Nov, 2017

I will not tolerate last minute cancellations, no call no shows, or time wasters in general.

If I get ready and you don't show or if I drive to you and you don't answer, I will post the incident on the National Blacklist so other providers are aware. Noone deserves that kind of disrespect that you can't respectively cancel because an emergency has came up.

I do expect to be treated the same way you would want to be treated. If I needed to cancel on you, I am sure you would want advanced notice so you can find someone else! 

HOWEVER, if you are a NEW client and seeing me for the first time, please schedule only if you are sure you can make it! If you cancel a confirmed appointment, I will not waste any future time on you again.


Any violations could result in:


1.) 100.00 cancellation fee for last minute cancellations

2.) A report on National Blacklist.

3.) Blocked and on my DO NOT SEE LIST.

4.) A potential fee for cancelling and/or deposit being needed to schedule you in the future.


I understand that emergencies happen, but call and let me know! It could still be a violation of my policy but atleast I won't have to blacklist or block you!! I understand things happen and have worked with people. There is a point where people start taking advantage of my kindness. So I have to put my poker face on and get serious. There is a lot of time, energy, hair/nail maintenance, make-up, outfits, gas, mileage, cleaning, etc that goes into making appointments possible and worthwhile. Please do not waste my time. I have no tolerance for it anymore. Thank you for understanding :)

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Perks of being a VIP member compared to basic member of my website!

12 Nov, 2017

If you have noticed the "Member" tab on my website, or scrolled past the part that asks for a login, then you notice there is a MEMBER ONLY page included on this website. This page does have a one-time fee as it contains my personal property!

Basic Membership - Basic membership just gives access to the my members only page for personal viewing of pictures and short clips. I update my pictures for members regularly and throw short clips on every month or two as well. Basic membership is only access to the page and has no other benefits that VIP members recieve. For this feature, a one time fee of $20.00 must be sent to and fill out the new member form which is located under login area. "Not a member? Sign up here" is where the form is.

VIP Membership - VIP members get access to the member page to view pictures and videos, rates included for LIVE camming options, and 15% off companionship sessions (Only after proper screening is approved. No I won't see you if you have no references or will not share personal information. I'm not an idiot). VIP membership is a one time fee of $60.00 that must be sent via PayPal to and then sign up via the membership sign up form on my members section of website.


I have allowed Basic Members to upgrade to VIP members later. However, there is an additional charge for this. Instead of paying an extra $40.00 to become VIP, I ask for $50.00 for upgrading from basic to VIP. Most people chose to sign up as VIP automatically to avoid this extra $10.00 fee.

There are RULES located in my Members Only page. I will leave that for members only. The only one I will announce to the public is to keep your password to yourself, and do not use my pictures or videos for any public forum as this is violation of my right of publicity, invasion of privacy, defamation, or could be copywrite infringement. I have had a fake website using my pictures taken down before after finding out it was domain. This was very easy to do, but very annoying as I will never authorize permission of my pictures to be displayed anywhere unless I did so myself. Any pictures posted of me in public form will be nothing worse than you see in a gentleman's club. Therefore, if any picture or short clip is taken from me and used to be sold for money, or shown in a public manner (altered or not) will have legal action taken against them.

I also ask that you do not give out your password to your friends or for others to use your login for their enjoyment for free. For my privacy to watch for scanners or third world country hackers, I am able to see IP Addresses and approximate location (city and state) of the last members login. If for some reason there is an unusual login under your membership, I will delete your account and allow only one more chance. 

People can hack into your information, please keep your login information safe and opt out of remembering passwords. I take my member only page seriously, and do not want anyone viewing who didn't pay a fee like everyone else!

This is America and sorry my page isnt under welfare or approved for your cash assistance/food stamps. Get a job, pay taxes, and be an adult. Unless you are disabled or a veteran, but my rules and payment prices for membership apply for everyone. Able bodied or not. Do not ask me for a free login or I will block you.


I hope this blog can clarify my members section a little more. Thank you to all my current members, my anonymous live props, and future members who can respect my privacy and copywrite agreement.



Visiting Columbus November 8th - 11th

05 Nov, 2017

Yes, that's right! I will be visiting Columbus this week for the first time. I will be arriving Wednesday November 8th around 3 p.m. and leaving Saturday around 12pm.

Ask me for details on location I am staying in.

I am offering a pre-book special now until Wednesday before I arrive. The special is 20% off my rates. 

Also running a pre-book special for not only solo sessions with me but also duo sessions with Jennalicious and myself!

Ask about duo prebook special, and let me know any other questions.



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Another duo partner!

14 Oct, 2017

I have advertised before about duos and have done many with an upscale provider, Odette.

If you haven't seen us and would like to the offer is on the table!!

I am writing in my blog to announce another upscale companion I am now spending time with, Constance Coxx! We are similiar fun sized women and only deal with professional gentlemen. Inquire today to schedule with both of us!! 

The same etiquette and expected behavior applies whether you are spending time with me, and friend and myself, or more than one of my friends. Stay classy guys!!


Nadia Divino ♡



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Sugar Daddy Applications being accepted NOW!!! :)

09 Oct, 2017

SugarDaddy Application


Okay guys. I'm getting sick and tired. 

We all have needs, and we all have wants. I am officially on the hunt for what is known to be a "Sugar Daddy". Now, I am a little uneducated in this area due to never really having one. I don't mean a regular, nor someone that is necessarily only financial.

NaHH! I need a winner/keeper/spender/lover! ♡♡♡

If I did find one that was strictly financial I would expect the monthly finances to be worth it... in all honestly though, I want one that treats me to dinner here and there, takes me on trips, little shopping sprees, or since I'm looking for a home/apartment to rent soon maybe supplies that in a material/financial way, and in general someone that can give me company and allow me to provide them company. 

These fictional men must be hard to come by because I have yet to meet one! Hahaha

I laugh because I have always been independent and taken care of myself. I like my independence and privacy. However, I do get lonely. Being a companion only fills that void as a small percentage. I want someone I can be more exclusive with but also have an agreement that there is no strings attached and no "til death do us part" drama.

Maybe I DO just want spoiled for once in my life. I grew up in poverty, and learned really fast that nothing is ever handed to you. I do not expect anything to be handed to me even in this agreement. I want an agreement that we both agree on, and where we can both benefit from one another.

Call me crazy, nieve, or whatever it is you want to call it. I enjoy being a low profile companion, but just wish I could do this with maybe one person in general and still have the fun I do now. I don't want a boyfriend to argue with, or a dad to tell me what to do. I just want to try something that I see work for other people. Maybe it could work for me, or maybe not.

Regardless, this girl is taking applications.

Ready.... Set..... GO!

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06 Oct, 2017

My rates will be increasing on October 16th 2017. (New VIP memberships on my website before then will be honored with old rates forever.)


HH - $180

HR - $260

90 min - $380

2HR - $500

3HR - $600

4HR - $700

12HR - $800 (OVERNIGHT)

The overnight is a maximum 12 hours and this includes sleep. For example 9pm - 9am


I CANNOT begin to explain how reasonable the rates are regardless the difference from previous rates. I am low profile, one appointment per day. And definitely not everyday. I am HIGHLY reviewed and know my worth. Unless you are a regular or a VIP member of my website from before my rates changed. Please do not haggle or I will ignore you.

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Cleveland Visit. 10/3 - 10/5

02 Oct, 2017

I am going to be spending a couple days in Cleveland this week Monday to Wednesday.

I will most likely be on the east side one day, and west side for another.

See you soon CLE

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Pittsburgh 9/20 - 9/23

21 Sep, 2017

I am currently in Greentree PA. Normally I would of posted this in advance, but silly me forgot to.

Anyways new clients, please read as much as you can bear on my site. I do screen and I do advertise on certain pages.

NE Ohio, I will be back Saturday early afternoon. I will not be available the whole day but earlier I will. Just contact me new or previous clients for details.


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Soft, Curvy, and Beautiful. A REAL woman!

09 Sep, 2017



Everyone has their certain "taste" when it comes to the body of a woman.

And I am going to share mine.

I love a woman that is CONFIDENT in her skin, no matter what. The softness is also something that intrigues me. The feel of almost a cotton/silk on the palms of my hands. Speaking as a woman myself, I love the feel of someones hand caressing my skin. And many different types of hands. The smooth, freshly manicured hands, or the rough, hard working, strong hands.

The feeling of a womans body when it is warm pressed to mine, as her soft pillow like skin connects with every space between us. Curves in an hour glass figure.

I don't enjoy being poked with bones from every direction, a twig wouldn't be my taste. I need a comfortable woman on top of me, the one with curves for days, that almost align perfectly with me. A REAL WOMAN. The sweet smell of her freshly moisterized skin, rubbing onto me so the smell is with me all throughout the day.

I enjoy being able to grab, and squeeze..and actually having something to grab and squeeze. I do not mean, so much that it is almost TOO much. Just the perfect amount that I can squeeze and almost feel in control of what I have. The woman I can wrap my legs around, and connect my feet together so no matter what. IM THERE.

I love a woman, that is confident in her skin. A woman you look at, and feel like a kid in a candy store.. debating on where to start first.

If this is your type of woman too, give me a call. I'm right here ;)

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Labor Day Special

01 Sep, 2017

Labor Day Special (Friday through Monday Only).

I am running a special this weekend for the Holiday for $40.00 off for hour or longer or 20 off a hh.

Spend a HH, HR, 90 MIN, 2 HR, or etc for a discounted rate of 40 off original rates. This is for a limited time and may not be used with any other offer (sorry).

New clients must screen or I will not bother to see you, or waste my time. Regulars or past clients are welcome, please schedule as soon in advanced as possible. I may be running a special, but doesn't mean I will be available anytime this weekend.


Thanks Everyone! 

Love Always,

♡ Nadia Divino ♡


A little secret...

22 Aug, 2017

A little secret..


Becoming a VIP member has many perks including access to my members only page (Adults 18+) and you will be honored with my original rates even after they increase. 


Screening for new clients will still be a MUST!!!

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10 Aug, 2017

I will be in Cleveland August 18th - August 20th 2017

Be sure to contact me to Pre-book an appointment.

It's hard enough to announce this everywhere so that everyone will see, and I don't want to add a big corny calendar to my page so everyone knows my every move.

So I just wanted to announce it on my page, and yes I did post it in all of my ads online. So if you are in Cleveland and want to see me, be sure to contact me and set up an appointment.


Due to discretion I will not post where exactly in Cleveland I will be so please contact me for that information.

I will still do outcalls if needed, however the travel fee still applies.


Cleveland, are you ready?

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08 Aug, 2017

Ciao Gents!

It's true. My rates will be increasing this coming Fall.

I find it only fair to throw the announcement out there even though my rates can change at any given time.

I feel that raising my rates are fair compared to the services I provide that is much similiar and even more extreme as to providers of upscale business that surround me and the areas I travel to. I am not just raising my rates to make it more "fair" and to match my competition's rates. 

I am also raising my rates not only because of dealing with rude men, but dealing with men that either don't want to be screened, or men that think my rates are too high already.

I am a LOW-PROFILE upscale companion. This means I enjoy being under the radar. You will not find an ad posted by me on Backpage. If I do have an ad on a certain website, then I promise it mentions that I do screen any men that have not seen me before.

I am raising my rates because I don't do this for the money. I feel in the beginning when I first started as a high volume companion, my rates were much lower because I didn't know my worth, and because I was desperately in need of the money. As I got farther in my education, career, and my hobby.. I started to realize I can live my life without doing this anymore at all. I had even retired at one point, and began to miss the freinds I have met due to this business. That was an eye-opener for me. I retired from Backpage and started to post ads on upscale websites. As I raised my rates, the less amount of assholes I would have to talk to, the less cancellations I had, and the less bullshit I had to deal with. And it ended up being the same average amount I was making before seeing more people and charging less. So you can understand why seeing less people and charging more just made wayyyy better sense.

And lastly, I am raising my rates because I am DAMN GOOD at what I do. I don't say this because of a large ego or to be extremely conceided. I say this simply due to the reviews I receive. I have NEVER had a negative review posted about me. I do everything in my power to make sure that my clients leave 100% satisfied with the service they were given. I am good at what I do because I genuinely like to do it. I like to do it becaue I meet genuine men that want to please me just as much as I want to please them. They actually care about my feelings, and care to make me smile.


Any hobbyist can go on Backpage right now and pay 60-80 bucks for a half hour with some random woman. The questions that these men should ask themselves first are:

1.) Is the woman that answers the door going to be the same woman in the pics?

2.) When I arrive is there going to be a man jumping from the closet to jump me?

3.) Is this woman doing this to support a drug habit? Will my money be the money causes her overdose?

4.) Could I be getting set up by L.E. or planned to be robbed?

5.) Will I get a disease, STD, or STI from this woman who is on drugs, or sleeping with men without protection everyday?


If paying an extremely cheap amount is worth the possibility of one of those questions coming true for you, then more power to you. I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for, or quality over quantity. I would rather spend more on the LED, energy efficient light bulb that will last a long time, and also save money on your electric bill; as compared to spending less on the transparent light bulb that isnt energy efficient and will most likely burn out in a few months.


The regulars I have managed to keep are honored with the rates we agreed upon. This is because I have been seeing these clients since the beginning or atleast on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. When you see someone enough you learn to form trust for them, and become friends. I like to work with my friends and make sure that them seeing me this often is afforable in a realistic manner.

VIP members are also locked in at the set price from when they signed up on my site. This means that most of them will not need to worry about my rates going up. I will honor our agreement due to the fact that they agreed to be a VIP member on my website. They care enough to check in on my website, and check in with me to make sure I am okay. Again, I have learned to form friendships with many of my VIP members. I also have friendships with the basic members of my site, hoever the rate increase will still affect them. The only people discluded from the increase are my regulars and VIP members.

I do not plan on doing this forever. I am obtaining my college degree and will eventually need to move along from a part-time to a full-time position. This means that my availability will slowly become more and more limited. In conclusion, I have made the important bullet points that my rates will be increasing to slow down my call volume, filter out rude/not-serious hobbyists, focus more on my myself, the services I offer, provide to more upscale men, and because I know my worth.