Sugar Daddy Applications being accepted NOW!!! :)

14 Nov, 2018

SugarDaddy Application


Okay guys. I'm getting sick and tired. 

We all have needs, and we all have wants. I am officially on the hunt for what is known to be a "Sugar Daddy". Now, I am a little uneducated in this area due to never really having one. I don't mean a regular, nor someone that is necessarily only financial.

NaHH! I need a winner/keeper/spender/lover! ♡♡♡

If I did find one that was strictly financial I would expect the monthly finances to be worth it... in all honestly though, I want one that treats me to dinner here and there, takes me on trips, little shopping sprees, or since I'm looking for a home/apartment to rent soon maybe supplies that in a material/financial way, and in general someone that can give me company and allow me to provide them company. 

These fictional men must be hard to come by because I have yet to meet one! Hahaha

I laugh because I have always been independent and taken care of myself. I like my independence and privacy. However, I do get lonely. Being a companion only fills that void as a small percentage. I want someone I can be more exclusive with but also have an agreement that there is no strings attached and no "til death do us part" drama.

Maybe I DO just want spoiled for once in my life. I grew up in poverty, and learned really fast that nothing is ever handed to you. I do not expect anything to be handed to me even in this agreement. I want an agreement that we both agree on, and where we can both benefit from one another.

Call me crazy, nieve, or whatever it is you want to call it. I enjoy being a low profile companion, but just wish I could do this with maybe one person in general and still have the fun I do now. I don't want a boyfriend to argue with, or a dad to tell me what to do. I just want to try something that I see work for other people. Maybe it could work for me, or maybe not.

Regardless, this girl is taking applications.

Ready.... Set..... GO!