18 Feb, 2019

I will not tolerate last minute cancellations, no call no shows, or time wasters in general.

If I get ready and you don't show or if I drive to you and you don't answer, I will post the incident on the National Blacklist so other providers are aware. Noone deserves that kind of disrespect that you can't respectively cancel because an emergency has came up.

I do expect to be treated the same way you would want to be treated. If I needed to cancel on you, I am sure you would want advanced notice so you can find someone else! 

HOWEVER, if you are a NEW client and seeing me for the first time, please schedule only if you are sure you can make it! If you cancel a confirmed appointment, I will not waste any future time on you again.


Any violations could result in:


1.) 100.00 cancellation fee for last minute cancellations

2.) A report on National Blacklist.

3.) Blocked and on my DO NOT SEE LIST.

4.) A potential fee for cancelling and/or deposit being needed to schedule you in the future.


I understand that emergencies happen, but call and let me know! It could still be a violation of my policy but atleast I won't have to blacklist or block you!! I understand things happen and have worked with people. There is a point where people start taking advantage of my kindness. So I have to put my poker face on and get serious. There is a lot of time, energy, hair/nail maintenance, make-up, outfits, gas, mileage, cleaning, etc that goes into making appointments possible and worthwhile. Please do not waste my time. I have no tolerance for it anymore. Thank you for understanding :)