Frequently Asked Questions

I do offer specials occasionally. Most likely on holidays that I am not busy on, or random days when I am feeling up for it. These specials will be announced on Ads, Posts, and my Blog on this website.

Veterans day is a guaranteed special for the current or retired military men/women.

Birthdays are also discounted with proof by showing Identification. Must be current State ID/Drivers License that is not expired.

Holidays if I have availability that could potentially be special days are Valentine's Day, Easter, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve or Day, and New Years Day.

Please do not contact me asking what my menu is. I will not answer any explicit or detailed questions until AFTER screening is complete. I am sorry I do not know you and stating specifics to random people could be incrimination. I will say that I am GFE and PSE friendly, I condone safety, and greek is NOT a language I speak. Please screen first and after you screen (prove you are safe) I will be more than willing to let you know the do's and dont's. Thanks for understanding.

Sorry, No I don't.

Certain DATO festivities are okay. Again as stated in first question. Please screen using my screening form to prove you are safe then I will discuss specifics.

Yes I do. Some people have different definitions; however, this does not mean I condone BBFS. This is not GFE.. this is drug addicts on Backpage. If you want GFE please say so, otheriwise I assume you don't. Please be specific on what you expect, some people like LFK or DFK, some like cuddling and the touch of a woman snuggled on their chest,  enjoying the soft, yet passionate feel. While others like the deep, erotic, fast paced "havent seen you in forever and I miss/need/crave you" vibe.

I am open to all GFE types unless it is dangerous or unsafe for me or anyone else. Please be specific upon arrival about your expectations. I want to make your experience memorable, but I can't read your mind. Don't be shy, If I screened you then you are good in my book!

Anyways, as I was saying, GFE means Girlfriend Experience. My definition means a more sensual, compassionate, and romantic experience. The feeling of girlfriend and boyfriend without the drama, fighting, and jealousy. There is no strings attached but the feeling is genuine from me. As I stated before - all of this is still safe.

Yes I do offer duos with advanced notice. The more notice the better because we all have lives outside of this, possible children and families to schedule around also. I can provide the second companion if you wish to proceed with a duo. I have done so with a couple different companions. Ask about duo rates, information, and alternate companions info.

I have two duo partners in Ohio and one in Pittsburgh area. A deposit is required and deposit amount and duo rates differ between each provider.

Absolutely! There is no rush when you are booked with me. There are certain things I would be willing to agree to during an hour appointment as compared to a half hour appointment.. but I can promise there is no rush. I have never been a clock watcher. I like to enjoy the time we have together, laugh, and make new friends! I will obviously ask if you would like to donate for more time if it is obvious that we are going way over the agreed upon time frame though. I will NEVER kick someone out before their time is up. I may offer more for an hour appointment, but I will never kick someone out of an appointment due to the fact that it seems like we are done. Your appointment is your time, I leave it up to you!

I am fetish friendly! Certain unique or exhausting fetishes may be used as an upsell.

No sneaking pictures or film! Breech of this privacy concern of mine will resolve in being banned/blocked from my interaction, blacklisted so other companions know of your crime, and most likely legal action. So please don't invade my privacy, as I would NEVER invade yours.


I do allow photos and film for my members section, premium snapchat, and fans only page. I prefer to keep the photos and film as discrete as possible so my phone is the only one allowed to be used. If you would like to be involved, the only requirement is that we have had an appointment before. :)

I wont specifically say WHERE my incall is located. I will say when I am in my hometown, is at my apartment. When I travel, then my incall is the hotel I am staying at. Just ask me!

My services depend on how much time we spend together. I do offer more with multi-hour appointments such as wine, champagne, outfit requests, ect. Plus, the more time together, the more comfortable we can be and the more likely I can give a great reference for these suitors in the future.

Yes, I have seen couples before. However, I do screen both individuals involved. This is for my safety, along with everyone else's safety. If I am not comfortable during a session, I can guarantee it will not be a good/fun encounter due to my nerves and anxiety. The screening will help me to feel safe and comfortable. I have also been told that me screening and being careful is a refreshing breath of fresh air for my clients as well. I have seen straight couples and bisexual couples. As long as screening is completed I do not care what your gender or sexual identity is. My normal rates are the same for couples - as it is usually just as much fun for me as it is them. :)

I do not allow drugs in my personal residence or incall location. I do not do any drugs of any sort, however I am friendly to those who are 420 friendly. If that is what you enjoy to do, what you do to calm your anxiety, or ease pain then I completely understand. I will not partake in your recreational activities. I have enjoyed a glass of wine or champagne from time to time, but that is it.

I have different types of toys in my possession. I enjoy my pocket rocket, my vibrator, and my magic wand. I will allow toys to be used on either you or myself. If a toy is brought to my incall location or if you want to use your toy on me, I ask that it is brand new in the box please. There have been times I have put protection on my toys and used them with my friends as well ;)

Yes, I do smoke. 

I do not smoke during appointments unless it is requested for fetish friendly sessions. 


I am sure to brush my teeth and use mouthwash before meeting anyone new. Hygiene is important to me, and so is the aroma of my apartment. I keep my incall clean and smelling good.