Novelty Items

Novelty Items



There are a lot of variables in panty selling such as type of panty, wear time, specialty wear, and add ons. The average price for one day of wear is $35. For two days, $45.

As far as extra wear and add ons go, the following are some average prices:

  • Extra days of wear - $10

  • Specialty/Fetish wear - $10-$40 over base price

  • Extra photos - $2 per photo (, n.d.)

My rate is $30 per one day used panty. Bullet points above apply. Specialty/Fetish wear includes outfits which is based on the price I purchased for.


Socks, Stockings, and Pantyhose

Average price of socks with 2-3 days of wear is $20-$25. Extras are priced pretty much the same as panties. Most stockings and pantyhose listings are priced the same as socks. (, n.d.)

Socks, stockings, and pantyhose are $20 per set/item for 2 days use. Extra days and specialty wear (specific nylons, socks, styles, etc) are priced similar to panty extras.


Flip flops and sandals are $30 per set for 3 days of use.



  • Sucked only - $6-$8 per pop

  • Pussy pops - $10-$14 per pop

  • Anal pops - $12 -$16 per pop

All 3 or Fetish pops - $15-$20 per pop (, n.d.)

All pops mentioned above are the rates I ask as well.



Most toys run an average of $30-$200 depending on type and use. (, n.d.)

Rates for toys depend on how much they cost, how much use, if pictures or videos are included, etc. I have plugs, bullets, vibrating cock rings, dildos, strap ons, generic wands, G-Spot toys, etc. Toys can be sent to me for use as well (Must be new).


Phone Sex

This is a service that may be based on content and length. Most sellers set a per minute price and will have minimums however some sellers do block pricing. Average cost $2-$5 per minute. (, n.d.)

I ask for $3 per minute, with a minimum of 10 minutes.


I will accept other ideas for novelty items, just ask me personally. Items can be sent in the mail (must pay shipping), but please be prepared to send payment via PayPal, Cashapp, or Venmo. I will ONLY send item when payment has been received. If you would like to pick up the item, that is fine.


Requirement: I will need a selfie of you holding a piece of paper with my name "Nadia Divino" and the date to promise you understand that I do not allow the resell of my items, videos, or photos. Thank you.