If you want quality providers, be a quality suitor.

22 May, 2020

I consider myself to be a low-volume companion as it is. However, now that I have finished my degree and participated in interviews - I will soon become even more (UTR) Under the Radar.


Due to my availability decreasing soon, I will only see suitors that I have already met along with new suitors that are serious and reliable. How is this proven? Not only will I still be asking for references or screening to be completed - but I am also asking for a small deposit to be sent in order to CONFIRM our appointment. I will not have time to schedule suitors that will waste my time, especially if I am working full time in my career choice!


The purpose of the deposit is to:

1.) Prove you are very serious and interested in meeting me

2.) Ensure that you are less likely to cancel last minute or NCNS knowing that you have already invested a percentage of the donation

3.) Act as insurance for myself incase the client does not show up. Atleast I got something for the time and energy I put into preparing a great experience for you.

4.) Purchase supplies needed for the appointment along with specific requests. For example, a client may want my nails freshly manicured and pedicured, my hair and makeup done a certain way, specific jewelry, heels, or outfit, along with preferred refreshments, or upscale hotel.


Therefore, a provider asking for a deposit is not meant to be insulting. It should make you feel good that she requires a small portion of her donation up front so that she can feel 100% comfortable to see you. The quality provider will meet your specific needs or requirements to ensure you have a memorable experience. And it is clear that this lady has been burned and taken advantage of before with cancellations and "No Shows".. so have pride in knowing you can ease her mind by complying with the small condition.. then she is all yours for that period of time on that day!


*Please note* As a professional, I do understand that suitors have been burned also. I would hope that before sending anyone a deposit, that you have done your research. Does this provider have a website? Does she have recent reviews that are positive? Is she verified on other sites like P411, Slixa, RSAVS, Eros, etc.? Is she active on social media? It is important to research the woman and perform your own risk analysis. There are scam/con artists out there, both claiming to be clients and providers. So understand that if the provider is professional, upscale, and high quality, then your deposit would be in good hands.


I have had clients claim to be "old school" and do not prefer to send a deposit electronically through PayPal or Cashapp. Therefore, I have offered Western Union, Moneygram, and even having the deposit dropped off physically well in advance.. and when suitors still decline these arrangements - it proves to my suspicions that they were never serious about meeting and were potentially worried they would lose their deposit due to canceling or not showing up.


So if you are asked for a deposit, please do not get offended, do not accuse the person of being a scammer, and do not act as if the person is wrong for asking. Instead, do your research and agree to proving you are dedicated to meeting.. or simply thank the person for their time and move on to someone else.


If you want a quality provider, be a quality client.