My explanation of what an orgasm feels like, and how to tell it's happening!

23 May, 2020

Hello everyone!!

I am going to explain, from my own personal experience, what an orgasm feels like for a woman. I know all women are different, some have one to many in a single occasion, some have only clitoral, only g-spot, or both!

My g-spot orgasms are extremely rare but they do happen! I notice I really have to be in the right state of mind, really into the moment, and the g-spot has to be penetrated a certain way that even I can't always do with my own toys? Anyways... when I do have them it's like I start to get the chills or goosebumps feeling all over my body, but I'm not cold, I am actually sweating while the warm sensation travels through my body. It makes me feel like I just got an hour massage in 10 seconds and then I am drained of energy.

I am very clitoral stimulated happy. I can have a clitoral orgasm with my clothes on!! These orgasms are my favorite because these ones can happen one after another. I get the warm wave feeling through my body, my face flushes and gets sweaty, and as the warm feelings travels through my arms and legs it makes my fingers and my toes curl uncontrollably. And the feeling below....OMG...... I get these "contraction" feelings where the inside of my vagina is clenching and throbbing usually what seems like 5 to 10 times. The longer the throb the longer the orgasm. There have also been the unique moments (usually a certain position) where I have squirted while having an orgasm. It is like that wave like sensation builds up and then the mixture of the contraction feeling somehow releases the fluid once the pressure is just right, and it shoots out like BAM! Lol.

Anyways, I just had one of those nights tonight where I literally played with my magic wand 5 different times, each about 10 minutes, having about 5 orgasms each times. So yeah I am just super relaxed and happy, therefore I wanted to write about it. I mean, who wouldn't? 50 minutes of playtime that led to 25 orgasms... yeah now it's time to eat pizza and go to bed.

God bless everyone and good night!



Yours truly,

☆ Nadia Divino ♡