Perks of being a VIP member compared to basic member of my website!

26 May, 2020

If you have noticed the "Member" tab on my website, or scrolled past the part that asks for a login, then you notice there is a MEMBER ONLY page included on this website. This page does have a one-time fee as it contains my personal property!

Basic Membership - Basic membership just gives access to the my members only page for personal viewing of pictures and short clips. I update my pictures for members regularly and throw short clips on every month or two as well. Basic membership is only access to the page and has no other benefits that VIP members recieve. For this feature, a one time fee of $60.00 must be sent to my Paypal (ask me for the email) and fill out the new member form which is located under login area. "Not a member? Sign up here" is where the form is.

VIP Membership - VIP members get access to the member page to view pictures and videos, rates included for LIVE camming options, and 15% off companionship sessions (Only after proper screening is approved. And please maintain somewhat of a regular visitation schedule with me. For example, once every few months.) VIP membership is a one time fee of $80.00 that must be sent via Paypal and then sign up via the membership sign up form on my members section of website. (Again, please ask me for the PayPal email as it's not the same as my Nadia email)


I have allowed Basic Members to upgrade to VIP members later. However, there is an additional charge for this. Instead of paying an extra $20.00 to become VIP, I ask for $30.00 for upgrading from basic to VIP. Most people chose to sign up as VIP automatically to avoid this extra $10.00 fee later.

There are RULES located in my Members Only page. I will leave that for members only. The only one I will announce to the public is to keep your password to yourself, and do not use my pictures or videos for any public forum as this is violation of my right of publicity, invasion of privacy, defamation, or could be copywrite infringement. I have had a fake website using my pictures taken down before after finding out it was domain. This was very easy to do, but very annoying as I will never authorize permission of my pictures to be displayed anywhere unless I did so myself. Any pictures posted of me in public form will be nothing worse than you see in a gentleman's club. Therefore, if any picture or short clip is taken from me and used to be sold for money, or shown in a public manner (altered or not) will have legal action taken against them.

I also ask that you do not give out your password to your friends or for others to use your login for their enjoyment for free. For my privacy to watch for scanners or third world country hackers, I am able to see IP Addresses and approximate location (city and state) of the last members login. If for some reason there is an unusual login under your membership, I will delete your account. I will not give second chances.

People can hack into your information, please keep your login information safe and opt out of remembering passwords. I take my member only page seriously, and do not want anyone viewing who didn't pay a fee like everyone else!

Unless you are disabled or a veteran, my rules and payment prices for membership apply for everyone. Able bodied or not. Do not ask me for a free login or I will block you.


I hope this blog can clarify my members section a little more. Thank you to all my current members, my anonymous live props, and future members who can respect my privacy and copywrite agreement.