Rates changing this summer 2019!

23 May, 2020

I will be increasing my rates this summer. I have been going to the gym regulary, so my body will be in even better shape! I also am done with school, so I will be working a full time job. This will only leave me with so much available time left over. Therefore, my time means a lot to me so I want to spend it with generous gentleman that can appreciate me and my time that I am giving to them. Also, my skills during appointments are better than most. I do not feel right that a woman that charges more than me, can get away with "not trying" or "half-assing" it. That is not right, so for my level of skills that I give physically, mentally, and emotionally; that is worth more. I have the natural ability to make anyone nervous, feel calm. I am good at talking to people and making them feel better. I am also good at being GFE, PSE, or just being intimate and sensual. I have the ability to provide what it asked of me and maintain my hygiene and physical appearance. My hair will be dyed and maintained, my nails will always be manicured and pedicured (please specify if you have a foot fetish), and I will always be freshly clean and groomed. I provide a clean, safe, and sanitary working environment, and will always give 100% during any appointment. My appointments are NO rush. I will spend the whole time making it "Me and You" time.


Therefore with me working full time, my time will be limited; so you will need to be a generous gentleman to see me and appreciate/respect me. I have some regulars I will continue to see but I will still have a little bit of extra time during the week and on weekends to see whoever reads my website, fills out screening form, and sends deposit (if required). The men that read my website, do their research, and understand proper ethics and morals will get to see me. I am not bragging, but I am confident with my skills and I do believe that quality can be better with a $300-$400 per hour provider compared to a $600-$700 per hour provider. Maybe not always, but I know in my case it is true. Especially since I have been told that.