22 May, 2020

Ciao Gents!

It's true. My rates will be increasing this coming Fall.

I find it only fair to throw the announcement out there even though my rates can change at any given time.

I feel that raising my rates are fair compared to the services I provide that is much similiar and even more extreme as to providers of upscale business that surround me and the areas I travel to. I am not just raising my rates to make it more "fair" and to match my competition's rates. 

I am also raising my rates not only because of dealing with rude men, but dealing with men that either don't want to be screened, or men that think my rates are too high already.

I am a LOW-PROFILE upscale companion. This means I enjoy being under the radar. You will not find an ad posted by me on Backpage. If I do have an ad on a certain website, then I promise it mentions that I do screen any men that have not seen me before.

I am raising my rates because I don't do this for the money. I feel in the beginning when I first started as a high volume companion, my rates were much lower because I didn't know my worth, and because I was desperately in need of the money. As I got farther in my education, career, and my hobby.. I started to realize I can live my life without doing this anymore at all. I had even retired at one point, and began to miss the freinds I have met due to this business. That was an eye-opener for me. I retired from Backpage and started to post ads on upscale websites. As I raised my rates, the less amount of assholes I would have to talk to, the less cancellations I had, and the less bullshit I had to deal with. And it ended up being the same average amount I was making before seeing more people and charging less. So you can understand why seeing less people and charging more just made wayyyy better sense.

And lastly, I am raising my rates because I am DAMN GOOD at what I do. I don't say this because of a large ego or to be extremely conceided. I say this simply due to the reviews I receive. I have NEVER had a negative review posted about me. I do everything in my power to make sure that my clients leave 100% satisfied with the service they were given. I am good at what I do because I genuinely like to do it. I like to do it becaue I meet genuine men that want to please me just as much as I want to please them. They actually care about my feelings, and care to make me smile.


Any hobbyist can go on Backpage right now and pay 60-80 bucks for a half hour with some random woman. The questions that these men should ask themselves first are:

1.) Is the woman that answers the door going to be the same woman in the pics?

2.) When I arrive is there going to be a man jumping from the closet to jump me?

3.) Is this woman doing this to support a drug habit? Will my money be the money causes her overdose?

4.) Could I be getting set up by L.E. or planned to be robbed?

5.) Will I get a disease, STD, or STI from this woman who is on drugs, or sleeping with men without protection everyday?


If paying an extremely cheap amount is worth the possibility of one of those questions coming true for you, then more power to you. I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for, or quality over quantity. I would rather spend more on the LED, energy efficient light bulb that will last a long time, and also save money on your electric bill; as compared to spending less on the transparent light bulb that isnt energy efficient and will most likely burn out in a few months.


The regulars I have managed to keep are honored with the rates we agreed upon. This is because I have been seeing these clients since the beginning or atleast on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. When you see someone enough you learn to form trust for them, and become friends. I like to work with my friends and make sure that them seeing me this often is afforable in a realistic manner.

VIP members are also locked in at the set price from when they signed up on my site. This means that most of them will not need to worry about my rates going up. I will honor our agreement due to the fact that they agreed to be a VIP member on my website. They care enough to check in on my website, and check in with me to make sure I am okay. Again, I have learned to form friendships with many of my VIP members. I also have friendships with the basic members of my site, hoever the rate increase will still affect them. The only people discluded from the increase are my regulars and VIP members.

I do not plan on doing this forever. I am obtaining my college degree and will eventually need to move along from a part-time to a full-time position. This means that my availability will slowly become more and more limited. In conclusion, I have made the important bullet points that my rates will be increasing to slow down my call volume, filter out rude/not-serious hobbyists, focus more on my myself, the services I offer, provide to more upscale men, and because I know my worth.