Soft, Curvy, and Beautiful. A REAL woman!

23 May, 2020



Everyone has their certain "taste" when it comes to the body of a woman.

And I am going to share mine.

I love a woman that is CONFIDENT in her skin, no matter what. The softness is also something that intrigues me. The feel of almost a cotton/silk on the palms of my hands. Speaking as a woman myself, I love the feel of someones hand caressing my skin. And many different types of hands. The smooth, freshly manicured hands, or the rough, hard working, strong hands.

The feeling of a womans body when it is warm pressed to mine, as her soft pillow like skin connects with every space between us. Curves in an hour glass figure.

I don't enjoy being poked with bones from every direction, a twig wouldn't be my taste. I need a comfortable woman on top of me, the one with curves for days, that almost align perfectly with me. A REAL WOMAN. The sweet smell of her freshly moisterized skin, rubbing onto me so the smell is with me all throughout the day.

I enjoy being able to grab, and squeeze..and actually having something to grab and squeeze. I do not mean, so much that it is almost TOO much. Just the perfect amount that I can squeeze and almost feel in control of what I have. The woman I can wrap my legs around, and connect my feet together so no matter what. IM THERE.

I love a woman, that is confident in her skin. A woman you look at, and feel like a kid in a candy store.. debating on where to start first.

If this is your type of woman too, give me a call. I'm right here ;)