23 May, 2020

I will not tolerate last minute cancellations, no call no shows, or time wasters in general.


If I get ready and you don't show or if I drive to you and you don't answer, I will post the incident on the Blacklist databases other providers are aware of. Noone deserves that kind of disrespect that you can't respectively cancel because an emergency has came up.


I do expect to be treated the same way you would want to be treated. If I needed to cancel on you, I am sure you would want advanced notice so you can find someone else! 


HOWEVER, I have listed the requirements of time needed for cancellations, along with consequences for each. The terms can differ based on case by case situations. (i.e. Does the suitor cancel frequently? Is suitor rude? Deposit, fee, etc sent?)


If a suitor cancels 72 hours (or longer) prior to start of appointment, I will accept the cancellation. There is no refund of deposit but I will allow them the opportunity to reschedule, within reason, without needing to send a deposit again. (It will not count to towards next visit though unless discussed between us)


If a suitor cancels between 48 and 72 hours prior to start of appointment, I will accept the cancellation. There will be no refund of deposit and no offer to reschedule the time.. unless another deposit is sent in advanced. If this booking was made for a tour visit, there may be an additional cancellation fee. It gets harder and harder to fill specific time slots when cancelling happens a couple days before appointment time. Obviously, the sooner we know the better!


If a suitor cancels an appointment the same day or up to 24 hours prior to appointment time, I will NOT accept the cancellation. The deposit will not be refunded, and the entire amount owed for the appointment will be mandatory. It is nearly impossible to fill someone's cancelled appointment if they cancel last minute. If the suitor does not attempt to make things right, I will be forced to add them to my DO NOT SEE list, along with blacklist them so other providers can be warned/aware of his/her unprofessionalism.



Any violations could result in:


1.) 100.00 cancellation fee

2.) A report on all Blacklist databases.

3.) Blocked and on my DO NOT SEE LIST.

4.) A deposit being needed to schedule you in the future, even if you are a repeat client.

5.) The possibility of owing the entire amount for the appointment without it actually happening.


Any deposit sent prior to booking is non refundable. The deposits are meant to act as insurance along with show how genuine the suitor is about meeting with me.


This also goes the same way with myself. If I have to cancel, I will do so with appropriate timing and send deposit back. If I have to cancel last minute due to an emergency - I will make sure to send deposit back and offer discount or more time for future gathering. Some men have asked me to keep deposits on hold to go towards future sessions but this is at your own discretion. I rarely ever need to cancel.


I understand that emergencies happen, but call and let me know! It could still be a violation of my policy but atleast I won't have to blacklist or block you!! I understand things happen and I have worked with people. There is a point where people start taking advantage of my kindness. So I have to put my poker face on and get serious. There is a lot of time, energy, hair/nail maintenance, make-up, outfits, gas, mileage, cleaning, etc that goes into making appointments possible and worthwhile. Please do not waste my time. I have no tolerance for it anymore. Thank you for understanding :)